Over the Eight years; the company has experienced a steady growth in its services offerings in engineering services, supply chain management, material handling & transportation system, and project management. As a result, the company has increased number of clients (contracts), and hence turnover also has increased tremendously.

Customer/Client Satisfactions
Customer commitment and satisfaction; Prioritize customer’s satisfaction is our corporate value. To achieve this, Kamba’s Investments Company Limited mobilizes business networks to provide the most updated material information to clients. The company makes mutual discussion and continuous improvement from material selection to formulation. As a result, produces high quality and competitive products/services which take customer’s welfare into account and helps maximize the benefits delivered from the services rendered

History and Reputation
History and reputation; Kamba’s Investments Company Limited is proud of its history and reputation. Over the Eight years of working with big clients such as Acacia Pangea Minerals Limited-Buzwagi Gold Mining, Acacia Bulyanhulu Gold Mine Limited, Williamson Diamond, Lake Cement, Coca-Cola,  Tanzania Brewers Limited, Shanta Mining Co Ltd,  State Mining Corporation, etc. The company is confident that no other supplier can provide its level of customer service and reliable processes with extraordinary attention to detail and commitment to excellence.

Value for Money
Value for money; the company is dedicated to precision, overseeing every detail with a keen and expert eye. This ensures a reliable quality finished products/services. The company values the importance of timely and efficient production and delivery of clients’ components. In view of that, the company takes into consideration the need for value for money (effectiveness, efficiency and economy).

Health and Safety Measures
Safety measures; exposed wires, fatigued workers, poorly maintained equipment. Manufacturing facilities are riddled with risks, both hidden and out in the open, but Kamba’s Investments Company Limited takes all the right measures to avoid accidents or unnecessary injuries during a project uses its professional skills in combating risks. The company works with project’s maximum care in a delicate manner as for over 10 years of working with Mining companies, there have been no accidents leading to death, causalities or severe injuries

Our Location

Kamba’s Investments Company Ltd House Plot no.56 Block D, Isamilo Street

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