Mechanical Engineering Services

With mechanical engineering our scope of services, covers
  • Designing & Manufacturing of Machinery & equipments
  • Repair & maintenance of brand new and high quality second hand equipments
  • Corrosion control by sand blasting,
  • Corrosion control by Chemical resistance paints and rubber lining,
  • Corrosion protection by using anti rust coatings,
  • Ball mill and sag mill relining(Complete liner replacement),
  • Fabrications and erection ,
  • Pump service & Motor Rewinding,
  • Air-condition and Refrigeration
  • Pipe lines and storage tanks
  • Steel tank fabrication and erection, pipe line & canopies
  • Plant Installation
  • Technical consultancy
  • Quotations and bill of material preparation,
  • NDT – ( Non Destructive Test) service

Civil and Building Engineering Services

Kamba’s Investments Company Limited is a center for professionals for designing Residential, commercial and industrial development at fair and reasonable cost management. The activities in civil and building Engineering include:-
  • Design for the entire projects,
  • Architectural
  • Civil structural and mechanical
  • Dam design
  • Bridges construction
  • Building construction services
  • Building renovation services
  • Industrial storage shed
  • Steel fixing and concrete casting

Project management

Kamba’s has a well-experienced Project management team, which can manage all the activities of a given project right from preparing a design, layout & detail drawing / Detailed BOQ /BOS through selection of vendors, to execute a project and document the entire operation. Because of this an Operator / Client need not have permanent manpower resources for carrying out these tasks which are required only at the beginning of a project. Kamba’s can resource, organize and execute a specific project with an experienced team at a very short notice.

Activities of Project Management are:

  • Site Survey
  • Site Engineering {Structure Analysis of an existing building, layout design of equipment etc}
  • Preparation of Bill of Quantities & Bill of Services.
  • Vendor Selection
  • Scheduling of supply of various equipment viz Towers, Shelters, DG Sets, Air conditioners, Power supply system’s etc.
  • Monitoring all daily activities on Project
  • Provision of Security at Site.
  • Documentation.

Supply Chain Management

Kamba’s Investments Company Limited is also involved in supply chain management. It is responsible for the physical movement materials necessary for project uses as well as for client’s requirements. Some of the materials dealt with includes building construction materials, geological consumables, personal protective equipment, spare parts, heavy duty equipment and industrial structural construction materials. The company has established purchasing network with national and international suppliers, where it used to procure and transport the materials. The activities in supply chain include:-
  • Material sourcing information
  • Order picking.
  • Procurement.
  • Transportation.
  • Receiving
  • Technical Design.
  • Warehousing
  • Stock control
  • Material handling
  • Distribution

Material Handling and Transportation System

Trusted supplier in heavy equipment’s and materials. Kamba’s has majored in Material handling and transportation system. Materials handled and transported include:-
  • Pozzolana,
  • Gypsum,
  • Limestone,
  • Clay,
  • Clinker & Coal.

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